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Take Me Out to the Ball Game is a new book by Dave Berger that highlights comical and freakish injuries that you just cannot make up!

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Get a free sample of the book!

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format_quoteDave Berger’s handling of some awfully funny and ironic anecdotes provides readers with a nice little peek through the windows of ballplayers’ lives on and off the field. I especially liked the referral to “David Cone’s Mother in Law, now ex-Mother in Law.” In its totality, this work reminds us that these grown men, in so many ways remain children at heart, even though they’ve made a huge public splash in the strangely intriguing world of the perspiring arts.
format_quoteAs a former professional ballplayer, a student of the game, and a lifelong baseball fan I really enjoyed reading this book. I have not come across another publication like it. It will surprise & entertain you with details about current all-time favorite players. It was certainly a fun read.
Val Majewski
Played Professionally from 2002–2012, Baltimore Orioles: 2004

The Author

Get to Know Dave

I was born outside of Cleveland, Ohio in the summer of 1972.  My first big league ballgame was in the 1981 as my dad took me to watch the Milwaukee Brewers, whose lineup was loaded with players such as Yount, Molitor, Cooper, Thomas, Ogilive, Fingers, Vukovich, Ganter. 


Dave’s Updates

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No-no not again!!

For the first time in Major League history, a team has been no hit for the 3rd time in one season; as the Tribe fell to the Brewers this evening 3-0. A shout-out to Tom Hamilton our beloved play by play announcer for that tidbit of info! It was a combined no-hitter...

white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt

Indians no-no’d…..again

Only in baseball that you can have a 1st place team no hit for the 2nd time in 2 months as Wade Miley threw a gem at our Tribe tonight! Has there ever been a time in history where a team has been no-hit twice in one...

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